Kannan Fibers

With a legacy of over 45 years, we chose the path of sustainability to deliver 100% natural eco-friendly coco products. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of custom-designed coir products. 

with Technology

Coco products have a higher relevance today than ever as they are an integral part of various farming methods. By incorporating the latest technology, we are able to meet the growing demands of coco products for customers across the globe.

Working with Nature

Our business is rooted in sustainability and it is reflected in our work culture. We are responsible towards nature and the communities that associate with us. Our business model tries to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goal. We also work towards maintaining responsible consumption and production throughout the journey.

  • Each of our products is manufactured using ethically sourced raw materials and is 100% natural. 
  • Our products undergo quality checks at each stage of production. These premium quality products have a lifespan of over 4 years.
  • Our coco grow bags come with a customizable mixture of coco peat and coco chips to provide you with the best aeration, water retention, and drainage for your crop of choice.   

Engineered to Enhance New Age Growing

Today, soil-less farming is practically possible with coir substrate. The phytonutrients in the substrate support better growth of the crops and produce a better yield up to four times. We produce coir substrates of both unwashed high electrical conductivity and washed low electrical conductivity substrates to cater to your farming needs.